March 24, 2017 2 min to read

The Side Effects of an Indian Head Massage

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If you are planning to get an Indian head massage sooner or later, you should consider its side effects—both good and bad. In that way, you tend to expect things to happen after the Indian head massage now that the balance in your body had been restored:

Urinating now and then

The Indian head massage tends to wash out all the toxins and waste materials in your body. Thus you can expect that you’d be urinating a lot after the massage. Just make sure that you drink a lot of fresh water to help you thoroughly cleanse your body.

Dull aching of the muscle

Indian head massage helps you to release all of your tensed muscles, resulting in a dull aching after the massage. Once you feel the dull muscle aching, that just only means that your muscles are now being repaired from being torn.

Improve awareness of your surroundings

After you have your Indian head massage, you can rest assure that you will be able to improve your sensory perception. The massage tends to stimulate you mentally, leading to a better memory. Make sure that you also take some time to relax after the therapy because it’s a relief feeling all the stress and aches leaving your body all at once.

Lowering your blood sugar

If you have diabetes, then you should think thoroughly before having a massage. While it is just a small risk, you should make sure that the severity of your diabetes will not lead to any problems after the Indian head massage. You can talk to a medical professional about your condition if you are allowed to have the massage or talk to the massage therapist herself if you are still allowed to have the massage despite your underlying illness.

Stiffness of your shoulders and neck

If you wanted to reduce your joint pain, then an Indian head massage can be very useful for you. However, you should be aware that one of its side effects is the stiffness of your neck and shoulders. Do not worry because it will be only temporary. After which, you will be able to improve your mobility and loosen up all the knots and tensed muscles in your body.


If you feel dizzy after an Indian head massage, it could be an indication that there is something wrong with your body. This massage tends to stimulate the circulation of the blood in certain parts of your body and depending on your condition that you may not even be aware of, it can either lower or raise your blood pressure.

I’ve seen this happen with all kinds of relaxing therapies – with all the tension in the body gone, it becomes clear that there is a problem. The lightheadedness will pass quickly. If this is something you’re really worried about, buy one of the top 5 head massagers and slowly build up the amount of time you use it. Then you’ll be able to withstand rougher treatment.

Educating yourself about the possible side effects of an Indian head massage can help you to understand more about the efficacy of this massage and how it works. Always make sure that you consider several factors first before having this massage because as you can see, not everyone can enjoy its benefits especially those who suffer from certain illnesses and diseases.


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