January 11, 2017 2 min to read

Make Your Home Decorating Kid-friendly

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So you have decided to decorate your house or purchase furniture. If you have children, you need to take them into consideration when making decorating choices. Otherwise, you may live to regret your purchases they don’t hold up well to the wear and tear of kids. And, you probably don’t want to increase your cleaning chores or spend even more time keeping your kids away from or off of certain items.

Flooring may be on your decorating list. Kids and carpet are often not a good combination. Ceramic tiles or laminated floors may be a more practical choice. If you have your heart set on carpet, consider using carpet tiles. These can be replaced easily if one becomes stained or torn.

Upholstered furniture often doesn’t hold up to rambunctious children. If that couch you love has pillows for the back cushioning, think twice about purchasing it. Those pillows will inevitably be ammunition for a great pillow fight. You can threaten dire consequences if this were to happen, but why add to your list of things you must discipline the kids over.

If you have some premium furniture, that’s another thing to worry about! According to a Bestmassage Shiatsu recliner review I read, some massage chairs are kid-friendly. But if you’ve got a $9,000 chair in your home, you’re going to want to keep the kids WELL away from it.

Antiques can be a great choice for wood furniture if they are sturdily built. As they are usually made of solid wood, you can refinish them or repair them if they are damaged. Various dents and scratches only add to the patina of antiques while they may not look so good on contemporary-styled furniture. Particle board furniture is not built to last and often can’t be repaired.

Your choice of window coverings is extremely important because those with cords have killed kids and pets. Be sure to choose cordless varieties. And, think twice before buying long curtains that pool on the floor. They won’t look as nice after your child has stepped on them hundreds of times or even climbed them. Valances are good since your children won’t be able to reach them.

Wall coverings come in several kid-friendly varieties. Some paint manufacturers market paints specifically for households with children. Good semi gloss paint also works well since it can be wiped clean. Flat paints can’t be wiped without leaving a mark, but they can be touched up easily. Decide whether you prefer wielding a damp cloth or a paintbrush to get marks off of your walls. Some wallpapers are developed with kids in mind. At least get wallpaper that is scrubbable so you can wipe off marks with a damp cloth.

Breakables on open shelves can be disastrous with kids. Display your valuables in locked curio cabinets. You won’t have to dust as often, either.

By decorating your home with your kids in mind, you can have a beautiful, low-maintenance home while reducing the time you have to spend policing your kids.


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